Frequently Asked Questions

For iPhone Users:

Tap the AA button and click "Hide Toolbar" for a better experience.

If your video isn't loading (just a black screen):

My room is still getting ready after X amount of time

It may take up to 6 minutes for a room to load during prime times, just wait and it should load.

How do I make my stream less laggy?

First thing to try is to lower the bitrate and lower the FPS and use a lower resolution when you make the room if that still isn't enough. There are presets in the room settings menu you can use as well as the '/setkbps' and '/fps' commands you can use manually. The bitrate is an upper limit, if it's too low compared to the fps and resolution you've chosen it will struggle, so you want to find the sweet spot and only lower it if your internet speed is slow.

Why is there no audio?

Sometimes the stream starts off muted while still displaying the volume as maxed, simply jiggle the audio slider and it should fix itself.

How do I give the remote to someone else?

Click on their avatar in the user list or in chat and then click "Allow Control". They can now pick up and drop the remote too. If they leave or get disconnected you'll have to give them permission again.

How do I make X site work?

For most sites you need to turn the FoxyProxy VPN extension on, set it to US Residential VPN. The Custom 1 and 2 are there in case we need to add more locations in the future. There are also multiple vpn extensions you can use your own account with.

Where is my verification email?

Usually it will arrive within a minute or two but it can take longer. Please check your spam/junk folder.

Is porn allowed on Caracal?

No. Hosting any pornographic material violates our hosters Terms of Service. Any accounts seen streaming porn will be disabled, R-rated movies with nudity are still okay.

What is the user limit per room?

Right now the limit is 20 for free rooms and 50 for any tier subscription room.

What is the difference between the subscription tiers?

Free $5 $10
Sharable VM Yes Yes Yes
Access to dedicated Servers* Yes Yes Yes
Make your room private Yes Yes Yes
Make a room at any time Only when a free room is available Yes Yes
Custom Room URL No Yes Yes
User Limit 20 50 50
Room Duration 5 Hours 7 Hours 7 Hours
Fallback Droplets Slower *2 Slower *2 Faster
* Your room will be run on a dedicated server and only if those are full will it be run on a droplet. $10 Tier will get higher spec droplets.
*2 These droplets are good enough for most things, but might not be able to handle several tabs and CPU/RAM intensive websites as well.

Supported Browsers

OS H264 VP8
Chrome Windows Yes Yes
Linux Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes
Firefox Windows Yes Yes
Linux No Yes
Android No Yes
iOS No No
Safari iOS Yes Yes
MacOS Yes * Yes *
Edge Windows Yes *2 Yes *2
* Safari on MacOS has not been thoroughly tested
*2 While Edge does work, audio quality is considerably lower than in other browsers