Frequently Asked Questions

For iPhone Users:

Tap the AA button and click "Hide Toolbar" for a better experience.

If your video isn't loading (just a black screen):

How do I appeal a sitewide ban?

Send a message to [email protected] and provide the account(s) that were banned and why you should be unbanned. Making alts without appealing like this will likely lead to being banned for ban evasion.

How should I deal with unpleasant users/trolls?

The room host is the first line of defense for this. They should ban the user. They can also give others in the room the ability to ban/kick if they wish. They also have access to the /mute and /silence commands.
If the issue is with guests without an account rejoining on a vpn, you can see if enabling anti-raid helps, and if not then disable guests if you don't want to keep banning. We are unable to do anything else about guest users evading with a vpn.
If a user is ban evading over multiple accounts you can report it and we can disable the accounts sitewide for ban evasion. The room host should still ban them from the room. Room bans are also already by ip, so they're also using a vpn by this point.
If you don't like someone, try to avoid interacting with them. Don't join the rooms they're in, and don't allow them in your rooms. It can also help to keep your rooms private so that randos can't join.
Don't feed the trolls.

How do I report a user/room?

You can use the /report chat command to report most issues if you're in the room with the issue. It saves a chat log of everything before the report and sends it to staff. This is mainly for egregious violations by users or room ToS violations. The room host still has the responsibility of banning and keeping bad people out of their room.

How do I unban someone from my room?

Right now unbanning is handled via chat commands. You can type /banlist in the chat to see a list of bans, and then /unban username to unban someone.

How do I make my stream less laggy?

First thing to try is to lower the bitrate and lower the FPS and use a lower resolution when you make the room if that still isn't enough. There are presets in the room settings menu you can use as well as the '/setkbps' and '/fps' commands you can use manually. The bitrate is an upper limit, if it's too low compared to the fps and resolution you've chosen it will struggle, so you want to find the sweet spot and only lower it if your internet speed is slow.

How do I give the remote to someone else?

Click on their avatar in the user list or in chat and then click "Allow Control". They can now pick up and drop the remote too. If they leave or get disconnected you'll have to give them permission again.

How do I make X site work?

Certain sites might require you use a VPN. We provide one as a courtesy accessible via the FoxyProxy extension. You may also use one of the pre-installed vpn extensions with your own account.

Where is my verification email?

Usually it will arrive within a minute or two but it can take longer. Please check your spam/junk folder.

Is porn allowed on Caracal?

No. Any accounts streaming porn will be disabled. This rule includes private rooms. R-rated movies with nudity are okay.

Is it safe to login into my accounts in a room on Caracal?

Yes. The browser session is cleared once the room is killed. Do take care when giving others the remote if you've logged into any sites, however.

What do my connection test results mean?

Speed result

Connectivity result

A pass means you are able to connect to our room-servers, fail means it was impossible to establish a connection, this can have multiple causes:

In case of a failed connectivity test there is nothing we can do on our end, since the problem lies with either your browser, network or internet service provider.

Subscription and Keycodes

What is the difference between subscription and keycodes?



If you have raid-protection enabled we take extra steps to make sure the people entering your room are valid users and not people trying to circumvent previous bans. You can toggle this feature from within your already running room at any time through the settings menu ("Enable Anti-Raid").


What is the difference between the subscription tiers?

Free $5 $10
Sharable VM Queued Instant Instant
Custom Room URL No Yes Yes
User Limit 10 15 20
Room Duration 5 Hours 12 Hours 12+ Hours
Unlimited Nick/Chat Colors Limited Yourself Whole Room
Gif Avatars/Room Icons No No Yes
Supporting Caracal Your subscription helps to keep running

Supported Browsers

OS H264 VP8
Chrome Windows Yes Yes
Linux Yes Yes
Android Yes Yes
iOS Yes Yes
Chromium OS 1 No Yes
Firefox Windows Yes Yes
Linux No Yes
Android No Yes
MacOS No Yes 2
iOS No No
Safari iOS Yes Yes
MacOS Yes 2 Yes 2
Edge Windows Yes 3 Yes 3
1 We are currently unable to test compatibility on Chrome OS but they were tested on Chromium OS
2 Safari on MacOS has not been thoroughly tested
3 While Edge does work, audio quality is considerably lower than in other browsers